Not a consultant or advisor  (or spouse or friend) - your business partner. 

Experienced business coach, CPA, and Marketing Consultant,  Teresa has over 35 years experience growing businesses just like yours.   

In just the one hour initial look at your business you'll get more ideas than you've gotten from the last 5 consultants you've hired - Guaranteed.


                                                       Being in business just got easier !

Accounting made SIMPLE !

Every expense and all income automatically logged and coded immediately.  Click here for a

TALK Accounting Demo

Key performance indicators

Wallet share vs Market share - The bottom line - Cash is king.   

Planning to pay NO tax is

planning to have no profit.  Tax

is an expense like  all expenses.

What gets measured gets done.  You've got to get the right information at the right time.  Test and measure every Key Performance Indicator.  

profit planning

The business owner's JOB is to build value/equity !   That's it, just one job.  Value Builder is the SYSTEM to help you do just that.  Click here to get your score and learn how to Build a Business:

  • On-site efficiency visit
  • Accounting System review
  • Business CPR 
  • Manager Training
  • Value Builder System - Learn to BUILD a Business
  • ​​KPI measurement, Dashboard(s), and Critical Information Reporting
  • Team Building